Comdess Company, Inc.

Welcome to Comdess Company, Inc.

Founded in 1981, Comdess Company, has been a leader in developments for rotational molding. The first fully computerized rotational molding machine was developed with and installed at Comdess Company. Our addition of color touch screen control and sophisticated programming creates process reliability to increase value to our customers. We continue to test equipment, materials, procedures and methods in order to maintain the highest possible quality, integrity and reliability for our customers.

Graphics & Labeling

We can install durable intricate graphics of any shape, color and size into Polyethylene and vinyl products to provide for descriptive, function or aesthetic value.

Multi Wall and lining molding

We offer flexibility of design in mechanical, thermal, chemical and cosmetic requirements, through the use of multiple walls, lining and foam molding. We can provide laminated walls, foam walls, skin and foam walls or laminated walls with foam core or single lining.

Insert Molding

A variety of inserts can be molded into a product during processing, they include tubes, frames, stamped components, machine fasteners and castings. The insert is completely encapsulated by the molded material and will maintain the integrity of a hollow product.

Finishing & Assembly

Our attention to detail and customers specification is superior which provides our customer with excellent function and quality. We have met the challenges to finish, machine, assemble and packaging products of any size or complexity. We test and qualify on a SPC or 100% based customer requirements.